27 February 2018

Legislation establishing Victoria’s Post Sentence Authority came into effect today

The Authority was established to provide independent, rigorous monitoring of serious sex offenders on post sentence orders, and oversight of the post sentence scheme. The scheme allows for the ongoing detention and supervision of serious sex offenders who pose an unacceptable risk to the community after finishing their maximum prison sentences.

Former Chief Magistrate and State Coroner, Judge Ian Gray, has been appointed as Chair of the Authority, with former Adult Parole Board member Carmel Arthur as a full-time board member, and sessional members Peter Rose QC, an experienced Crown Prosecutor, and Peter Martin OAM, who brings extensive experience on community advisory committees, reference groups and boards of management.

The Authority will monitor the progress and compliance of offenders subject to court-ordered supervision, and issue instructions and directions regarding conditions of post sentence orders. This monitoring role will be expanded to serious violent offenders when the scheme is expanded later this year. 

The Authority will also oversee the delivery of coordinated services to offenders in need of assistance with disabilities, housing or mental health problems. Coordinated services plans will be provided to the Authority for every offender by a multiagency panel. The Authority will review these plans to ensure they receive effective assessment, treatment and supervision.

In addition, the Authority will report to the Victorian Parliament each year on the performance of the post sentence scheme and the agencies responsible for delivering coordinated services to offenders.

Quotes attributable to Post Sentence Authority Chair Judge Ian Gray

“The main purpose of the Authority is to enhance the protection of the Community.”

“We will also have a key role in ensuring government agencies provide coordinated services to offenders to promote rehabilitation and reduce the risk of reoffending.”

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