Law Week 13-19 May 2019


As part of Law Week 2019, the Post Sentence Authority will run an information session on Courts Open Day about the management of serious offenders who live in the community on supervision orders, followed by an interactive panel discussion with the Authority’s board members. 

The information session will explain the criteria that determines whether a serious offender should be subject to supervision, and take the audience through how offenders are managed and supervised in the community once they are released from prison.

It will explain how the Post Sentence Authority contributes to the protection of the community by monitoring the risks that offender’s pose and their compliance.

The interactive panel will take the audience through a typical scenario where a serious offender is seeking to live independently in the community. The audience will be presented with the same set of facts as the Post Sentence Authority would in a usual hearing, including the offender’s criminal history and risk profile. 

The panel will discuss how the Post Sentence Authority balances the protection of the community with offender rights and rehabilitation when making a decision. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions about the scenario and provide their views on whether they believe the serious offender should be allowed to live in the community.

Michelle Williams QC, Deputy Chair of the Post Sentence Authority, will present the session.

The audience will learn about the comprehensive system in place to supervise serious offenders, and the complexities which the Post Sentence Authority encounters. The session is an opportunity to gain rare insight in to the workings of the Post Sentence Authority which is not usually open to the public

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Event Information 

Date: Saturday 18 May, 3pm - 4pm

Venue: County Court of Victoria, Court 4.2, 250 William Street, Melbourne

Cost: Free  

Bookings: Not required